Posted by: michalamon | January 8, 2009

Limitations, Failures, Protection… or a New Dimension?

Years ago, there was a craze of those scribble-scrabble pictures. If you stare at it, they told me, you’ll see the picture


November 20th pic of the week

jumping at you in three dimensions. Well, I tried to look at it, and since nothing happened I just said – it’s not working for me, let them enjoy it. I gave up.

A few weeks ago, a friend brought me the Magic Eye book she found catching dust at her home. She thought my kids would like to look at it. I thanked her, but remembering my past failures I didn’t even bother to give it to them, why bother?
(Should I impose my failures on someone else, thinking I am protecting them? Saving their time? Or should I let others experience something first hand, and let them make their own decision? Huh?..)

My husband picked the book, read the instructions and was struck by what he saw. I grabbed it from his hands, almost sure I’m not able to see it. Hey, but he challenged me… I wanted what he had, too. I focused and forced myself to continue to be focused, not to let go… one minute and another – and suddenly I saw the sphinx jumps out of the desert. Wow! I made it!

Long story short: the kids learned to focus and they love the book. As for me: my husband challenges me all the time. that’s good. Still the question stays floating in the air:

Should I let my past experinces limit my current situation? Should I place limitations on myself and on others, thinking I’m protecting them by my own experiences?

Click here to see the image of the week, and experience yourself! Maybe you’ll find a new dimension in your life…

Please check in with your comments and thoughts.




  1. Wow!!. I really enjoyed that story. So very true. I could use more focus for 2009. I love your tag line. Dream….Then Do! Keep the great motivational passages coming.

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