Posted by: michalamon | January 17, 2009

Changing mode to “Abundance”

I had an observation today. I changed my mindset from Competition to Abundance. That was easy, that was fun, it helped me to create great reality. What happened?

We teach our kids to entertain themselves. When they look at another child playing with a toy they love, we teach them to try and look for another toy, another book, instead the one they wanted. We try to show them that the room is full of other opportunities… Just look around and find one that suites you…

So what can we learn, that we can take to our lives? Can we apply the same concept to everyday happenings? Can we learn not to give up on what we want, but find new ways to fulfill our need?

I went to this trade show today, to see what’s around in the industry I’m in. My past experience used to be – not engaging with my immediate competitors since I was fearful of the competition, from the interaction, from the “mine is better” type of conversation. If they are my competitors, I thought, I have nothing to do with them, right?

BIG MISTAKE. Yes there is, there is so much to learn, so much to appreciate, so many things that can be done together. We can all find our needs fulfilled. Just as kids can so easily find interest in new toys and get so excited from the new things they can do with it. We can too! Or as one of my mentor says – let’s understand we’re not fighting over the size of the pie, let’s make it a bigger pie!

So today, I felt something has changed. I went with a feeling of abundance. There is room for everybody, there is much to be learned from all directions and still find my own uniqueness. When someone started the “mine is better”, it felt so good to acknowledge their feelings in appreciative way, and guess what? Get the same appreciation back! Hey, why worry? There is enough pie for everyone!

I invite you to check out the Blue Ocean Strategy, click here to review. Please come in with your comments and thoughts.

Have a great week!




  1. You are amazing!
    I loved what you wrote – so true.
    Let’s make abundance together.

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