Posted by: michalamon | January 23, 2009

Pay It Forward

My Friend, Anat, has a big, special heart with a room for everyone. She cares for so many. She would know to tell you the truth on the spot and what to do with it. She’d comfort you when you really need a good word. I owe her so much from years of her being there, just being there.

She is also a great source for movies. Inspiring movies, with a strong message about our life and our society. That is her mission in life, to make sure people are well, taken care of, healthy, and as much as possible – happy.

So one of the movies she recommended was Pay It Forward. That was a few years ago, but that is the kind of movie that will stay in your heart. It’s not the movie – it’s the feeling you’ll feel, the emotions you’ll experience after getting the idea.

Is it real? Is it possible for every one of us to pay it forward? It’s not about that specific story, even though it is done beautifully. The story is heart breaking, however the meaning we can get from it is so powerful, that it will keep you awake, if you’re one of those who feel that there are some things to fix around us.

So, if you are ready for giving, if you are ready to learn from a kid (ain’t they the best teachers?), and if you are ready to pay – not back – but forward…

Click here:

And please, share your story on paying forward.

Have a wonderful week!



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