Posted by: michalamon | January 30, 2009

The Future Aces Creed

Today my 8 years old son was nominated as a Future Ace. Boy, we have so much to learn from elementary school teachers! OK, so what’s the big deal and why spare a post on that? Because we can all learn from the amazing Hockey player, Herb Carnegie.

Back in the forties, Herb Carnegie was one of Canada’s great hockey players. A speedy forward with all the right moves. Mr. Carnegie was a star player in the Quebec Aces, Quebec Senior League. He was voted the most valuable player three years running. But he never made it to the big league. Mr. Carnegie is black. And back in those days, that was enough to keep a player, even one with his amazing talent, out of the NHL.

The result of the unfulfilled Hockey career drove him to be very successful in business, however he did not let the sport go out of his life.  He created the Future Aces Hockey school, and later on he decided to turn that into a non-profit organization, with a bold mission:

The Foundation inspires and assists youth and adults to become the best they can be as responsible, respectful, peaceful, confident and caring citizens.

The Future Aces Creed is below.  I invite you to look at it as something all of us can implement, in our journey of being future aces. This is true for every one of us – as it is true for elementary school students.


I will develop a positive mental Attitude toward all people and toward my work.
I will develop my talents and Ability in order that I may be helpful to society.
I will take Action with integrity.
I will take initiative to Achieve my goals with honest and sincere effort.


I will Co-operate and respect others by seeking understanding with all people, regardless of colour, race, gender or beliefs.

I will demonstrate Courage, standing for what is right and speaking out against what is wrong.
I will display Confidence in all my actions without being arrogant.


I will show Empathy and consideration by advancing the values that are important to me and others.
I will set a good Example to others, taking responsibility for my actions..
I will acquire the best Education within my capability.


I will be of Service to others.
I will practise good Sportsmanship in all my decisions, demonstrating fair play to all.

More about Herb Carnegie and the future Aces Creed is here. Feel free to share your comments!

Have a great week,



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