Posted by: michalamon | February 23, 2009

The 6:3:2 rule for success

Those of you who are in a relationship, probably have had this communication many times:

He: Is laying on the couch speaking on the phone.

She: Is running around the house, washing small faces, picking up toys from all around, loading the washer, unloading the dryer, answering a homework question, kissing a boo boo, thinking what should we make for dinner  and that the bulb in the basement needs to be replaced, oh I’ll do that later…

He: Is still on the phone, urgent matters at the office, you know…

She is trying: Can you remove the dishes from the dishwasher while you’re on the phone?

He: Just one minute and I’m done… (and another one and another…)

Hey but you know what I found? When I am working, it’s better to take his approach. Running my business is not anyway near like running the house. Here is an idea I have heard from a multimillionaire who trained lots and lots of successful people, and he calls it the 6:3:2 rule for success:

6 words: Do one thing at a time
3 words: Do it right
2 words: Finish it

Focus, that what makes us successful, distractions are all around us. We need to learn how to stay focused on our tasks. So that is one approach for focusing. Any other suggestions that work for you? Please comment with your suggestion. and have a FOCUSED week!




  1. מיכל, אחלה פוסט, מאוד ענייני, מאוד ממוקד – וגם האחרים. זכיתי לחוות את האנרגיה המדהימה שלך בצ’אט הכללי. אני חושב שאת עושה עבודה מדהימה. אני לוקח לחיי לא רק את נפוליאון היל (מאתמול) – אלא גם את 6:3:2 . תשלחי לאנשים בארץ את הפוסטים שלך. האם את עושה גם שיווק באינטרנט? מה את עושה בכלל בחייך? ומה עושה יאיר? להתראות – קובי מילנר

  2. כל כך נכון. להתמקד, להתמקד, להתמקד. כמה אני צריכה לעבוד…

  3. Hi Michal,
    Thanks for the inspiration and helpful advise for starting my own blog.
    I like this 6-3-2 rule. I never heard of it before. It makes sense!.

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