Posted by: michalamon | March 17, 2009

Seeing The Beauty

It was the morning rush hour. People are in a hurry to get to work, busy with the day to come. Like everyday. But this day, something was different.
In the corner stood a man, playing a violin. The case was open, waiting for the change. Many times there are street performers in the station. This one was different.
He stood and played for 43 minutes. He collected $32.17.
On a regular evening, a ticket to hear this musician can cost hundreds of dollars.
This was Joshua Bell, one of the best violinists in the world, playing a Stradivari, worth millions of dollars, and the musical pieces that he played are some of the most challenging pieces.
He played with his heart and soul.
One woman recognized him. Other few realized he was someone with potential.
This was an experiment conducted by the Washington Post, with a few interesting viewpoints.

Can one stop and acknowledge a beauty, if they don’t have the relevant mind set at that moment? Can we? In our day-to-day lives, how alert are we, to stop, acknowledge and see things that are inspiring? That are empowering? Or is it easier for us look for the negatives that tend to come to us and be influenced by them? Dragging us down? Can we learn to be alert to the positive, and adapt it as a habit?

I believe it is. I practice it everyday, and still have a long way to go. But it comes back to me when my 5-years old would say to me, suddenly, unexpectedly – “wow, this street is so beautiful…” This means that not only we practice positive thinking and alertness to the current moment – we teach it to our kids.

Mr. Bell was embarrassed to see that people don’t applaud him, don’t throw change, don’t stop to listen. They didn’t acknowledged him. Didn’t approve him. His self confidence was shaken. And he is one of the best musicians of the world. But he is here, without the correct frame. What does it means? Does it mean he is not really a good musician? Does he need the acknowledgment of the crowd to uplift his self esteem? Or is he just a creation of a successful public relation consultant that created the legend behind him?

Here is what I believe. I believe that we all need appreciation and acknowledgment. The appreciation from our surrounding is important to so many people. But is it the one the really matters? Or is it possible for us to elevate our own spirits, build confidence within us and the sharp knowledge of where we’re going and why?

For me, that is an interesting process that is happening for years. I am getting better and better with it, and there is always a place to improve. We (I..) want, need to know what is our true worth. It’s fun to discover!

The other question that may arise, is who decides what’s beauty.  If over 1000 people cannot acknowledge a special musician, how come he wins the Avery Fisher Prize? But that – I will let you judge. Click here for the full story.



  1. מעורר השראה.
    שמחתי למצוא אותך בצמיחה ופריחה .

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