Posted by: michalamon | March 26, 2009

The Perfect Day

When the day starts great it influences the rest of it. A good start keeps the momentum going. But what happens when something goes wrong and your emotional balance is gone? Then nothing else goes well through the rest of the day.  It feels like the best thing to do is to go to bed and hide under the pillows… Know that feeling? But it’s obvious this is not the right way… Then, how do you clean the mess?

Well, I guess it starts with a decision. That today is the perfect day. That what works for me.

Acknowledge the things I am not happy with. I handle them and let them be, while I am aware to my feelings. Then I decide that this day is a wonderful day, with lots of achievements. And then I make those achievements happen.

I have to admit: often times it feels faked feeling, at first. But then as time passes on, my mind adopts that feeling of optimism, happiness, thankfulness. And the rest of the day does go much, much better.

I guess it is our decision how to look at what happens to us, and what we should take in. And eventually, if we get the skill of taking control of our feelings and thoughts, we have a wonderful tool to use on days that are not perfect… but can become perfect…

Enjoy the beautiful, inspiring Lou Reed’s Perfect Day.


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